Why Panettone at Christmas?

Why Panettone at Christmas?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – it’s also the time when families gather around the dinner table and enjoy a delicious, fluffy panettone post-meal. For Italians, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without panettone. Panettone is a traditional Italian cake that we eagerly anticipate every holiday season. Rich yet fluffy, the sweet dome-shaped cake recipe remains with cured dough studded with candied fruit, yielding the sweet loaf that many people live for every holiday season. 


According to Silvia Marchetti of SCMP, ever since the Middle Ages, locals in Lombardy, Italy liked to celebrate Christmas with richer, more lavish breads made with premium wheat not typically eaten every day. These breads were larger, hence the origin of the name “panettone”, which in Italian also means “big bread”. Sweet ingredients, like raisins and candied fruit, were added to the bread so that it eventually became a cake. 


According to Italia Regina, with time and creativity, many variations of panettone have been created over the years:

  • The traditional Milano panettone is the classic Christmas cake but without icing;
  • The glazed, rich in raisins and candied fruit, rigorously marries the Pidemontese tradition;
  • The chocolate glazed panettone, which combines the tradition of icing with a touch of dark and milk chocolate; 
  • The candied fruit glazed panettone is for fruit lovers, from pear to apricot, or candied peach to apple;
  • The rum and chocolate panettone, where the raisins are lost in the rum accompanied by chocolate drops;
  • And more!

For months, Commisso’s has been preparing for the holidays by making sure we have the largest variety of panettone cakes for everyone to enjoy. It’s a holiday thing – and we’d love for you to celebrate with us! Stop by Commisso’s today for your holiday panettone. They make the perfect gifts and the best post-Christmas dinner treat.

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