Victoria Day Weekend Preparation

Victoria Day Weekend Preparation

Looking to celebrate another Victoria Day long weekend? We’ve prepared the ultimate checklist to get you ready for any outdoor party - whether it’s an extravagant party for 20 people or a relaxed bbq with the family! Start your summer off with a bang and check out these tips to help your long weekend preparation. 

Main Dish

While planning the main dish of the night, grab inspiration from our fresh meat section of your local grocery store! At Commisso’s, we offer a variety of fresh meats to cook indoors and outdoors. Maybe you’ve been itching to uncover the grill for the summer season. In that case, we prepare fresh store-made sausages and prime rib beef patties perfect for the occasion. Want to try a ‘made from scratch’ meal? Grab your ground meat from the meat department and your needed spices - and create the perfect burger patty for your guests!


Attempting the perfect appetizer table? Start with the easy pick-ups like chips and dips, then take advantage of pre-made platters and have the food ready when you are! Shopping at Commisso’s, you’ll find various fruit, vegetable, meat and cheese platters at your convenience! If you want to tackle the task of making a charcuterie board yourself, be sure to pick up the essentials for a charcuterie board at the grocery store. Include any fan favourites of deli meats, cheeses, spread, fruits, jellies and nuts!


Let’s talk dessert. Who doesn’t enjoy a celebratory treat?! Head to your local grocery store to grab the ingredients needed for your next meringue pie or chocolate cake. Not much of a baker? Stop by the bakery for a selection of delicious pies and cakes! Commisso’s bakery offers tasty pastries, cookies, dessert trays and more. Now, that might be a challenging option to choose from!


Now that we have our food bases covered let’s not forget about the drinks. Plan ahead with a drink list to make sure every guest is covered. While you’re on your shopping run - stock up on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the drink aisles. You’ll have everyone staying refreshed all weekend long!

Ice! Ice! Ice!

The most forgotten about yet possibly the most important tip, bags of ice! During your grocery trip, estimate how much ice you think you will need. This includes cooling the drinks AND your soon-to-be-cooked barbeque meats and cheeses. Pick up your bags of ice at the end of your shopping trip to prevent a melted shopping cart!

Enjoy the great outdoors this summer and shop locally at Commisso’s! Don’t forget to check out our weekly flyer to find ways to save on your grocery staples.

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