Tips for Making Homemade Sausages

Tips for Making Homemade Sausages

There is nothing more satisfying than slicing up a homemade sausage crafted with your own two hands! Sausage making has been around for centuries and is an important part of many cultures around the world. At Commisso’s we are pros regarding meat and can help you choose the proper cut to make your own sausages! Whether you're new to sausage making or an all-out pro, follow our top tips and tricks to ensure optimal, tender, and juicy homemade sausages. 


When crafting your own sausages, remember the ratio of 80/20. A cut of meat that encompasses 80% meat and 20% fat is crucial in order to ensure a flavourful and tasty sausage! In this case, less is not more, so stay away from lean cuts to ensure your sausage is not too dry. Ideally, the pork used for your sausages should be sourced from the shoulder of the hog but remembering this ratio will help you select the tender meat needed in order to create your very own delicious homemade sausage. Our fresh local pork is on sale this week. Browse our flyer and choose your favourite cut of meat for less!   


In order to prevent smearing, make sure to freeze grinder parts prior to beginning the sausage crafting as well as bring the meat’s temperature down to about 30-40 degrees. This will ensure a delectable texture and apparent fat separation in your final sausage! But wait! Before you finish grinding, make sure to coat your meat in the seasoning of your choice before the second pass through the grinder. Need seasoning recommendations? At Commisso’s we carry a wide selection of seasonings and additives in order to spice up your homemade sausage!


When loading the cylinder/canister of your stuffing machine the meat should be packed tightly to reduce the number of air pockets in the meat. When filling the casing remember to go slow! If overstuffed you risk having the casing burst when you go to link the sausage and if you under stuff the sausage you risk wasting large amounts of the casing. The right balance of knowing how full to stuff the casing comes with practice and patience!


Pair with your favourite side dish and after completing your very own homemade sausages, take a taste! Even though it might be a bit more difficult to perfect Nonna’s recipe than you thought, don't worry! Practice makes perfect and the Commisso’s family is here to help. 

From fresh local pork to casings and spices, Commisso’s has everything you need to make the perfect (and delicious) homemade sausages. Browse this week's flyer to save on all sausage essentials! Visit us in-store today to shop!
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