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Must-Try Summer Salads

At Commisso’s, we make the most of in-season fresh produce and incorporate rich flavours and vibrant colours into our salad recipes. Not only are our salads mouthwatering, but they’re packed with nutrients and flavour. While salads make a great BBQ side, they are also hearty on their own. Whether you’re taking a weeknight family dinner outdoors or having a picnic with friends, Commisso’s offers the freshest salads that are perfect and ready-to-go for any occasion. Which salad will you be trying first?


A delicious blend of 4 of our favourite beans mixed with onions and binded by our special bean dressing. Not only are beans delicious, but they’re an affordable source of protein, fibre, iron, and vitamins that offer many health benefits. Flavourful and nutritious, this guilt-free salad will keep you fuller for longer. 


At Commisso’s, we love cheese, and what’s better than macaroni and cheese than macaroni with a 3 cheese blend! A wonderful medley of ingredients, our 3 cheese macaroni salad is the perfect pick-me-up and is a family-friendly dish everyone can enjoy. It’s bound to be the star dish at your next picnic, gathering, potluck or BBQ.  


A healthy yet scrumptious blend of red beets and crisp red apples. This delicious salad is versatile, packed with texture, and is the perfect hearty dish that will make your tastebuds dance with flavour. The perfect blend of earthy and tarty flavours, with a nice crunch in this delicious dish. 


Nothing screams summer salad more than Commisso’s Mediterranean Salad. A blend of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers tossed in with a little bit of feta, this salad is packed with flavour and vibrant colour and is the perfect addition to your next meal. 

Salads are just one dish on the menu that we have prepared. At Commisso’s, we offer a variety of ready-to-go meals; they’re perfect for your next social gathering or weekly dinner with the family. We encourage our customers to shop locally. Visit us in-store or shop online today.