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How to host the holidays like a pro

Is it your turn to host the annual Holiday Dinner? Hosting the holidays doesn’t have to be scary. Channel your inner Anna Olson or Kim Crawford and host a memorable holiday gathering.


The holiday spirit comes with a bit of chaos. Preparation is key to keep yourself, and the day, organized. Write a list of what you’re preparing and find dishes you can make in advance to keep your cool and an organized oven. 

Stock up 

With all the dishes to prepare and last-minute family drop-ins, it’s a good idea to get ahead and stock your fridge and pantry with staple ingredients or ready-to-serve meals. Check out weekly sales at your local grocery store to save on stocking up! Our weekly flyer is full of deals we know will help you save some money during the holiday season.

Snacks Snacks Snacks

One hack for keeping your guests entertained while you finish up the delectable dinner is pre-dinner snacks. You’ve got enough on your plate for the day. Pre-order a party platter for snacks or even desserts. Commisso’s customizes platters for you and you can choose pick-up or delivery to help you on the big day!

Take on what you can

Make sure to take on only what you can and delegate other tasks to your guests. Two weeks before your event, ask what each guest can bring. Guests often like to give a helping hand and it can make them feel more involved. 

Decoration in moderation

Being festive doesn’t have to mean overspending on decorations. A simple table runner and some festive napkins can pull the whole look together. Try putting on some Christmas music and create some Christmas scents for your guests to walk into for a festive sensory experience.

Holiday “Cheers”

Save yourself an extra trip when you purchase your beer and wine at select Ontario grocery stores, like Commisso’s Fresh Foods. Any time you can save during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is valuable time!

Enjoy yourself

Last, and certainly not least, enjoy yourself. The best thing you can do when entertaining for the holidays is enjoy your time with your family and friends. Try to keep your cool when the inevitable mishap occurs. There’s enough pressure during the holidays and being a happy host is the best way to impress your guests.

Head to Commisso's Fresh Foods to get all your favourite fresh holiday ingredients. We’re sure you’ll be named the best host this holiday season. Shop in-store or online for all your grocery needs and get great savings on fresh ingredients in our flyer every week.