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How to get your kitchen winter-ready

With every leaf falling from Niagara’s trees, winter becomes a closer reality. With colder temperatures, we tend to turn up the heat inside - especially in the kitchen!. What better way to spend your winter season than with friends and family in your cozy, warm kitchen.

Whether it's your turn to host holiday dinners this year, or you just want to freshen up your kitchen area, we've got advice to keep your kitchen feeling warm and welcoming while you’re making delicious meals and treats!

Here are four ways to welcome winter into your kitchen:

1. Change up the decorative items

Nothing says “winter kitchen” like snowflakes and evergreen tree-themed dish towels. Replace your annual table runners and placemats with winter colours and designs. Add wooden and evergreen accents to your centrepieces to match the outdoor feel from the inside.

2. Bake your favourites

The smell of freshly baked cookies will draw everyone in around your kitchen space. Try adding a new ingredient this year to switch up the flavour. Or attempt a new design: holiday-themed cookies displayed on your counter also add a great appeal to the rest of the kitchen! Not a baker? Come in and visit our bakery for some delicious treats. We won’t tell anyone you didn’t make them yourself!

3. Keep hot drink ingredients on hand

Grab a bottle or two of apple cider for the family. Try adding some cinnamon sticks to spice up the flavour and smell of your tasty drink! Don't forget about your hot cocoa either. A splash of vanilla extract with milk and sugar paired with cocoa creates the perfect at-home recipe for hot chocolate.

4. Pull out the small appliances

There's no better time than the cold months to pull out your slow cookers. After a long day of work, a ready-made hot dinner in the heart of your kitchen is easy comfort food. For your holiday bakes, make sure your food processors and mixers are at an arm’s reach to easily whip up festive treats.

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