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5 Different Ways to Enjoy Your Peaches This Summer

Peach season has arrived! There’s nothing like biting into a sweet, ripened local peach on a hot summer day; that’s why we’re bringing only the sweetest and juiciest local peaches to you this season!

The best part about in-season peaches is being able to use them in your summer seasonal recipes. Peaches work well in any dish – from sweet desserts to savoury entrees, enjoy in-season peaches straight from Niagara’s farms or preserve them for the winter season. Whatever you do, make the most out of our oh-so-short Canadian peach season! 

Here are 5 recipes to try at home using in-season peaches:


This protein-rich dish is balanced with the sweetness of fresh peaches, which adds a nice touch to this tasteful dish. This dish is perfect to enjoy on its own or as an add-on to your next family dinner outdoors. 

Recipe Credit: Canadian Living 


The perfect balance between sweet and savoury and the perfect addition to your next BBQ or family gathering. This easy dish doesn’t require a ton of work to taste incredible and is the best dish to put your fresh peaches to good use. 

Recipe Credit: CTV 


Step out of your comfort zone and spice up your pizza toppings this summer. This peach, prosciutto and arugula pizza is the ultimate summer pizza recipe and is something different to entice your tastebuds!

Recipe Credit: Canadian Living 


One of the easiest desserts to make, this peach bread pudding is bursting with flavour. In-season peaches and good-quality bread are the key to this recipe. Both of these ingredients can be picked up at Commisso’s on your next grocery run! If you want to take this dish over the top, add caramel drizzle to top it off. 

Recipe Credit: Dairy Farmers of Canada   


Peach cobbler: the ultimate summertime comfort dessert. If there’s a “right” time to make a peach cobbler, that time is NOW! Easy to make and made with fresh ingredients, you’ll be craving this sweet treat all summer long. 

Recipe Credit: Canadian Living 

At Commisso’s, our peaches arrive in-store straight from local Niagara farms! Shop in-store or online today for the freshest, local ingredients needed to make these delicious recipes.